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We have all you need for active winter sports

Freeriding, snow tubing, snowmobile, horses, fishing, skiing, ice-skating

Winter fun
New Year’s program

Do you want to feel the power of nature and break away from the city fuss?

Do you dream of conquering the forces of nature and feel an adrenaline rush?

Do you like to have a good time in pleasant company?

But you have a lot of uncertainties, don’t you?

An virgin mountain with changing weather conditions
We provide equipment with avalanche sensors and whistles
What if we get inexperienced instructors?
Our instructors are experienced sportsmen and coaches of the “Mountain Patrol” freeriding school
Obsolete equipment

We use high-quality and reliable equipmentе

What if there is no snow?

We ride at an altitude of 2400m above sea level, where the snow lies until June

We are expanding the boundaries of our locations for freeriding!

This time we go to the wild, virgin places of the Mountainous Altai. It’s time for all fans of outdoor activities, adventure, and especially freeriding, to conquer the beautiful mountain of the Mountainous Altai – an untouched by civilization Bashtala Mountain. From its top you can see the famous Mount Belukha! You can conquer the wilderness, where no human has ever set foot. Experience the incredible emotions. Excellent mood and pleasure from freeriding are guaranteed!

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The village of Ust-Koksa, the Ark tourist camp, Bashtala Mountain


Why do tourists choose us?

Proximity to the tourist base

Economical tours

Breathtaking landscape

Thanks to the landscape this place is called “The Russian Alps”

Good transport accessibility

Your safety

This is our main priority. Our instructors are sportsmen and coaches of the “Mountain Patrol” freeriding school. Over the years, the “Mountain Patrol” has become a laureate of international competitions in different parts of the world.

High-quality and reliable equipment

Our tourist equipment has been used practically on all continents of the Earth in the most difficult weather and nature conditions, and proved itself as reliable and high-quality.